E-Coat is a very common application for products that will be exposed to the elements such as these door handle brackets and sun roof tracks.


Reel to Reel

Parts can be delivered in a multitude of configurations including reel to reel. Should a program require secondary forming operations, secondary tooling can be built to support these operations on the customer’s production floor.


Selective Stripe

Product that as single or multiple plating requirements can be engineered utilizing one of our many support services in the selective plating arena. This can be offered in both pre-plated strip or post plated parts on reel.


Post Plated

When plating specifications require no bare metal edges, multi-step processing (stamp – plate – stamp) offers the best results. We can also offer support services providing barrel and rack post plate.

inlay products 300x200

Inlay Products

Highly engineered inlay strip material is utilized for these sophisticated electronic stampings that require aluminum wire bond pads.


In-Die Assembly

In-die assembly can be utilized to eliminate the need for any secondary operations or eliminate any pre-molding operation.

Plated Products

Since our inception, we have utilized highly qualified plating suppliers that offer not only overall plating but unique capabilities inclusive of selective stripe and spot technologies. From pre-plated strip to post plated parts, we offer many solutions to your plated product needs.

Spot Gold/Wire Bondable

Should a part warrant wire bondable plating with precious metal, we can provide parts with spot plating technology that locates precious metal exactly where needed thus minimizing the precious metal expense. We also provide stampings with nickel phosphorous plating for assemblies that utilize aluminum wire bonding.