In Die Sensors

Smart Pac Systems

Vision Systems

These advancements in technology have improved today’s stamping process. Metalstamp Inc. has committed the resources to continually upgrade its press operation with the most advanced equipment you can find in today’s stamping industry:

  • In-Die Sensing ensures all operating conditions within the tool are performing at optimum levels.
  • Smart Pac Systems allows all in-die sensors to communicate with the press controls to stop the press automatically if conditions within the stamping process are not ideal.
  • Integrated Vision Systems provides confidence that the product manufactured is of the highest quality standard.
  • Servo Press Technology is the latest advancement in stamping equipment for the press room. Our press room was the first to feature a 220 ton straight side AIDA servo press in the U.S.A. Since then, we have added multiple presses with this capability.
  • Precision Strip Lubrication Systems ensure oil usage is minimal and consistent when and where needed.
  • Electronic Roll Feeds help reduce misfeeds, thus minimizing potential damage and downtime that can interfere with on time deliveries.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Newly upgraded EDM centers for tool building and servo technology for the press room, coupled with our investment in our new facility proves that we are in this for the “long haul”.

Stamping Department

A multitude of stamping presses ranging from 20 to 330 ton in mechanical, hydraulic, high speed, and servo technology produce millions of stampings annually.